Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey Everybody! 

 I hope today's post finds you recovered from Thanksgiving and handling the Christmas crunch with too much stress. 

Ho! Ho! Ho! Here's an early Santa's helper!

You asked for it, I did it! I brought Missoni back! This time instead of a fringe wrap or a poncho I found this super chic infinity scarf! It's a giant loop that you twist and drape any way that you like. This is a cool update on a basic scarf and the iconic zig-zag pattern injects some style and some fun into your look without overdoing it.
 This is my absolute fave piece of all the Missoni I've offered you this season and its yours for a song and a dance. 
With Open Sky you know what a steal you're getting here right? One because I know you'll wear it to death just like I do and two because it's a fashion editor and model off duty essential like a quilted Chanel bag or a pair of Lanvin ballerina flats. Best of all? No one has to know you got the look at such an amazing price! 

Wear yours in Beauty and Good Health! 

Cheers, Veronica
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Webb On The Fly: Tuleste Chevron Jet Stone Necklace

Hey Everybody:

I hope this note finds you getting ready for a nice weekend. I'm gearing up for the New York City Marathon this Sunday, and of course, I plan to reward myself with some shopping afterwards. 

If you're anything like me, I bet you're prepping your outfits for all the parties coming up for the holidays. And if you're not, lucky us, because I've done a lot of the leg work for us already. Here's something I just picked up from Tuleste Market one of my favorite jewelry brands. 

The piece is pretty and glamorous, but it's still delicate enough that you can wear it to a quiet dinner or even the office. And see that arrow-like Chevron motif? It's the symbol of change in the Native American culture. It also goes perfectly with the Indian blanket prints that are red hot off the runway this season. 

The last note I wanted to share about this wonderful piece: it's crafted from beautiful jet stones. Right now, black diamonds are trending strong in the jewelry industry. This Tuleste necklace is a very pretty way to dress up a winter staple like a black sweater or a year round necessity like a little black dress. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Wear it in beauty and good health.  

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Friday, October 28, 2011

WEBB ON THE FLY: Desert Beauty form Kahina

Hey Everybody:

I hope this post finds you somewhere cozy and happy. Winter is upon us in New York and it's with great pleasure that I bring you this week's offer on Open Sky.

You can never argue with the "beauty comes from within" can you? I learned from being a model and I see proof of it everyday as a mother, what you put in your body. Kahina skin care is highly effective and a truly healthy and organic product. 

I first read about the beauty industry's discovery of aragan oil, the active ingredient in Kahina, four years ago in a New York Times article written by my trusted colleague, fashion journalist, Amy Larocca. The sub-Sahanran Berber tribe has harvested this nut, rich in vitamins and emollient oils for centuries to protect and nurture their skin in against one of the harshest climates on earth. Amy called it "one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry." Amy wrote a lovely piece about a trip to Morocco which is the sole region in the world the aragan tree bears its fruit. The oil helps to benefit a number of skin conditions from dryness, acne, psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles.

So when I heard about the Kahina Beauty Collection, founded by Kaherine Phillips L'Heureux, who found the oil while trekking in Africa, I was excited to give it a try. I like it for the the whole family because it's organic and I can use it for my kids too to get them in the habit of taking care of themselves inside and out while they're still 

I couldn't offer the entire line of Kahina here, so I chose the travel set for us here at OpenSky ( The set includes a facial cleanser, and moisturising oil. I'm all for looking good and even more for, as my mother used to say "doing good while doing well." Kahina beauty does just that, they give back 25% of profits to initiatives in support of these Berber women. How wonderful is that? 

Use this in Beauty and Good Health and as always, thank you for shopping with me at OpenSKY.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Urban Posh for the Urban Jungle and Beyond

Hey Everybody:
Fall is here and the colors are spectacular. Gold is Sunshine. Purple is Passion. Green is Growth and Renewal. I chose these Urban Posh bracelets for my shop on Open Sky because the colors are so inspiring. On every runway for New York Fashion Week greens and purples were a strong trend. Summer my be over, but  rich hues, like the ones in these bracelets are firmly planted in every category of accessories for this season and coming up again for Spring 2012.
Jeanne, the designer of Urban Posh, was destined to make beautiful things. Her grandparents were gemologists who thrilled her with tales of hiking though the jungles of Sri Lanka and Africa on the hunt the world's most treasured gems. They encouraged her to pick up the stones and learn about their various attributes.  This deep understanding and passion goes into all Urban Posh pieces today.
I like the hammered 18 k gold setting, it has an earthy finish and an elegant look that's perfect for dressing up or down. Stacked bracelets always look opulent. From Cleopatra to Beyonce. It's a trend that springs eternal. So, darling, my advice is look like royalty and live like a queen ~ without spending a king's ransom. 

I hope you love these bracelets and wear them like crazy. 

Cheers, Veronica 

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey Everybody:

I hope this finds you all stepping into fall and loving fashion. It's finally here! The Missoni poncho we've all been dying for! 

Have you guys seen the new commercial for Missoni for Target? If you haven't caught the spot on television - or Tivo-ed past it - look it up online. It's 30 seconds of eye candy that captures the cool 60's mod mood that feels really fresh after the 70's fashion flashback this year.  I won't spoil it for you, but it has the La Dolce Vita-meets-James Bond feel.

Why am I telling you this? Because for my special Fashion's Night Out sale for OpenSky, I'm offering you a slice of that Missoni lifestyle from the couture collection at an affordable price. Everyone else has to wait to mid-September for a chance to grab something from the secondary line at Target - but you can get the genuine article right now on my little shop at
These light weight finely woven wool ponchos feel luxurious, plus they look classic, expensive and most importantly, fashion saavy. They're really easy to style too, even if you're the type of woman who shies away from loud prints, these graphics aren't fussy at all. I throw the poncho on with some jeans, it adds color and texture to my wardrobe like magic. I like to change the silhouette up with a belt and make it casual and sexy. Its perfect for an evening out in the fall all the way through the holidays as well. I like to turn the neck lengthwise and drape the poncho over my shoulder and arms. It looks elegant like a stole on top of it it's a smart way to show off what you're wearing underneath on a chilly night. 

But aside from the fact that these ponchos are covetable and collectable, I'm a big fan of the family values at the heart of the company. More than half a century later and it's still family owned. The founders daughter Angela  designs the collection now. Last February, she closed the show with a sweet moment: she pulled her 90 year old dad of the audience and the two walked the runway and took a bow. We should all be so lucky to live so long and 
be so chic.

I'm rocking my poncho with my Bloch flats and my orange Sector watch this fashion week. I hope you'll like the poncho as much as I do. 

As always, I appreciate you shopping with me at Open Sky. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Open Sky: The TRIESTE Watch From Sector!

Hey Everybody:

Can you believe it? Fall is here.  Time to start fresh. 
My new favorite pop of color is the TRIESTE watch from Sector. The design is simple and sleek; it says designer without screaming label. The inner workings of the watch are a rock solid. It's a steel case with a quartz movement, so I can depend on it. I adore a casual watch that I can wear dressed-up, when I hang with the kids and of course when I work out. I use mine everyday.
I like to feel pulled together all of the time, even when I'm going in a million different directions. The TRIESTE looks buttoned-up and crisp with work-out clothes, and it's nice to know I've got an accessory that I can throw on with jeans and a t-shirt that makes everything look a little richer.  For the office or nights out it gives my look a  perfect little twist.

And you know what? Sector makes its state side debut at New York Fashion week in the exclusive CIRCA Accessories Salon. I wanted you to be able to be the first to see it and get it here on Open Sky before everyone else. 
As always,thanks for shopping with me on Open Sky. I appreciate and welcome your feedback as I grow my business. 

I'll keep you posted from fashion week. 
Click here: to be selected to receive free tickets to Fashion Week courtesy of Sector and CIRCA. Good Luck!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Webb On The Fly: Wild Horses

Hey Everybody: 

Please tell me today’s blog post finds you plotting your last delicious hurrah of the summer… 

Let me tell you, I’m crazy about this new line of t-shirts called Equerry. This is my friend Sabrina Turin's company and I'm proud to be the first ever retailer to offer you the line of soft cotton t's. Sabrina's a creative working mother turned entrepreneur. 

We met when we were teenagers. I noticed her in a coffee shop in New York's East Village. She was the perfect picture of street culture and high art. Her bald head, combat boots and the violin tucked under her arm gave me reason to snap a photo of her and send it off to my friend, the French designer Jean~Paul Gaultier. Sight unseen, he booked her for his show. 

The next time I saw Sabrina, by chance, was a lifetime later in coffee shop in New York.  We had both just dropped our kids off for the their first day of kinder garden.   

Our style and our lives had changed quite a bit, but our love of fashion remained the same. I was a stay at home mom and Sabrina was working a straight job in mid-town as an accountant. Still madly creative, Sabrina did murals for children's rooms in friends apartments and dreamed of finding an outlet for all of her talents that would also help support her family. 

It's a recurring theme, a few months ago, at the grab-and-go coffee shop near school, Sabrina burst in wearing a t-shirt adorned with a beautiful drawing she'd made of a horse. "I started my own company' she told me with a nervous smile, 'It's called Equerry." All the mom's gathered around and looked at the t's and drawings Sabrina brought with her. It was clear to all of us that she was on to something good. I knew Sabrina was dying to break out of the work a day world and use her real skills for design, but so few people do. I asked her what made her take the plunge? "If I don't try I'll never know" was her reply. Such a simple answer and such a big inspiration. 

I chose to put these T's for us in my little shop on the web at OpenSky, because the cut is slender and flattering, the cotton is soft and cozy, which is my top priority for anything that goes next to my skin. I plan to wear mine with bright cardigans and jeans or a jean skirt and a corduroy blazer and boots this fall.

I hope you like these T's as much as I do. As always, I appreciate you visiting me and I welcome your feedback as I grow my business. 

Thanks for shopping at OpenSky.

I'll see you in September! 
PS Next week you can enter to win a Sector watch like the orange one I'm wearing here for free on OpenSky.